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What is JAWAVI?

I have 3 kids: Jack, Walker & Vivian

Thinking back, it was actually pretty easy for me. I decided to use the 1st two letters of each of their names and voila! Of course, you can pronounce JaWaVi however you like, but I say (Jah-Wah-Vee).


About Me.

My name is Scott Duvall

Often times it’s not the gear. It’s how your message is constructed, shared on social and served up to people who need to see it. I’ve been creating video content for 10 years. I also produce podcasts and enjoy teaching others how to do what I do.

JaWaVi Films

About You.

Digital Marketing Can Be Tough

But it doesn’t have to be. Whether your brand needs a videographer to collaborate with, a series of explainer videos or general digital consulting (Yep, that’s a thing in 2017). I can help you.


Digital Productions and Consulting for your business to help YOU IMPROVE YOUR competitive advantage.

Along with practical tools and simple video solutions that will inspire your clients to spend more time on your site.

In 2014, Scott Duvall started JAWAVI Films and its social sites as a simple blog platform about capturing and producing videos. Then, JAWAVI FILMS grew to a video-for-hire business with Real Paying Clients. Today, JAWAVI FILMS is a full service video consulting business and then some…


Scott Duvall speaks to client about video shoot.

Jawavi founder Scott Duvall and client review the next video shot.

Always Searching For The Shot

My goal is to create work that is interesting, emotional and a benefit to what you are hiring me for, which is to raise awareness of “your thing” and build your online awareness. I am a stickler for details. From the framing of the video, to the sound of the final cut or even the overall concept of the piece, I’m always one step ahead trying to get it just right.

When the video is complete and delivered to you, that’s where most people who do what I do would say “thanks”, take your check and move on to their next project. Ha, I have other projects too, but the work for you is not done yet. Not when you hire Jawavi.

Marketing your video and more specifically marketing via social media these days is paramount. Leveraging Facebook’s specific ad targeting platform is a must. Ever heard of Facebook dark posts? It’s a real thing. You might not know how to utilize it or why it could be important, but I do.

Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and yes, even Snapchat even Snapchat are exploding in popularity and if you are wanting to target potential clients, especially if your company or brand focuses on millennials, then you need to be on all of these platforms. Read my blog post Why You Should Be Excited About Snapchat in 2016 if you want to learn more.

Confused yet? Send me an email. Let’s talk.

Other services include, but not limited to:

  • Podcasting
  • Strictly video production
  • Strictly social media consulting
  • Video workshops for your employees (learn how to do it)
  • Speaking engagements (speech comm major + podcaster = good public speaker)
  • How to use your GoPro
  • How to properly film with your iPhone
  • Guest blogging/writing about tech, videography, lighting, social media platforms