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This is a short video clip I took of my son playing golf earlier this week.  There are four reasons why this video “works” and is optimal for sharing via social media.

1.  It’s short.

Attention spans these days, even for us adults, are shorter than ever.  Show me a 4 minute video and I’ll show you a video that doesn’t get watched all the way through.  It’s just how it goes and I have many videos on my Vimeo page that are around 3-4 minutes long.  They’re good, but unless you’re shooting a feature film, shorter is way better.

2.  There is immediate action.

In this clip yoou see a young left-handed golfer hitting a golf ball.  Here are the viewer’s thoughts…

“Is he going to hit it?”

“Wow, how old is he?”

“Daggum, that little guy has a pretty sweet golf swing.”

What helps keep the viewer interested are the few frames of slow motion incorporated during my son’s downswing, this creates some heightened suspense and allows the viewer to “take it all in”.

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3.  The camera is on the subject’s level.

I’m 5’10”, not a giant by any stretch of the imagination, but definitely much taller than my 7 year old.  Had I been shooting from my eye level, the video would have been just okay.  However, when recording kids or pets, hold the camera down (around your torso); put it more on their level.  This allows the viewer a better perspective and with the large screens on the newer iPhones, you as the videographer will still be able to see what you’re recording.

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4.  The camera stays rolling after the initial action.

This is something I constantly have to remind myself to pay attention to. I, along with many moms or dads like to follow the action by running behind our kids or turning the camera to find something else to record.  Trust me on this one.  Once the action takes place, allow it to play out, even if their running off.  Keep your phone steady and definitely don’t stop recording.

If you have too much footage afterwards, you can trim it down later.  But, by incorporating this strategy as my son ran off, I was able to catch the funny moment of him tripping over an invisible rock.  For the record, he wasn’t hurt.  As you can see, he popped right back up and kept on going.

So, incorporate these four tips and your videos will be much more interesting, and equally more watchable by all of your friends and family.

I’d love to help you out.  Whether you need someone to edit your vacation video or perhaps your brand is launching a new website and you want to incorporate more video content.  Send my your questions or inquiries.