Who knew you could put videos on Instagram?  It sometimes takes a while for a 30-something like me to get caught up to speed on updates to some of his favorite apps.  My wife actually mentioned to me about a week ago that since I had started this blog, I should post Instagram videos.

She was right.  I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of compiling 15 seconds (that’s all Instagram will allow) of footage…and the effort to make it something worth watching.

My recipe for good Instagram videos is to:

  • Use a video editing software – I choose iMovie (mainly because it is all I know)
  • Find a snippet of a favorite song.  Instrumental sections do well.
  • Add a title, if necessary
  • Once finished, utilize this cool app Square Ready Video.

The Square Ready Video app allows you to post a wide-screen shot to Instagram.  A couple of my first videos were okay, but I was frustrated because I had to do so much more finite editing to make it fit in the square that Instagram requires.  This little intuitive app takes that frustration away.  Yes, it is intuitive, you just choose your file from your camera roll and save it.  Open that file up in Instagram and “Voila”!

If you would like to follow me on Instagram, just search up JaWaViFilms on the app.

I hope you enjoy these little clips as much as I did creating them.

My wife trying surfing for the first time ever!  We surfed on vacation in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.  I found this cool remix of Take A Walk by Passion Pit on Soundcloud:  Take a Walk (Peking Duk Remix)

I am a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan.  I’m an alumni and local resident of Athens, Ga where UGA is located.  This past Saturday marked the four week mark until the season begins.  This is a clip of a big score from last year’s UGA vs LSU football game with the UGA Fight Song laid on top


My daughter’s first ballet recital taken back in June.  This was the key the best part of the entire show.  My wife had been reminding her to curtsy at the end of the performance and she pulled it off with the greatest grace you’ve ever seen.  In addition, the music is a song my mom composed back when I was a kid.  The curtsy/song combination makes this one my favorite


My GoPro Hero3 has been one of my favorite new additions to my camera collection.  This clip was taken at our pool earlier this summer.  With the waterproof housing and a pole accessory, the GoPro is a must if you have kids big or small that want to jump in the pool with it.  I stumbled upon this clip and was very pleased how the editing turned out.  The song was equally just found by chance after a quick scroll through my iTunes library.  Boys Like Girls “Hero/Heroine”


Again, the GoPro pulls through for a cool couple of shots.  The camera is small enough to fit inside the golf hole, so naturally I had to try it.  My boys are avid golfers and we gave it a shot one day on the course.  I had no idea at the time these clips would turn out as cool as they did.  Of course the ad libbing of my younger son adds to the overall mood of how we play golf together.  You might remember the song, “I’ve Gotcha” by Joe Tex from the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack


And there you have it.  Five Instagram videos.  Again, these are totally fun to make.  If you have any tips or suggestions please give me a shout.

Instagram is one of the fastest social media platforms.  Hey!  If you own a small business and would like for JaWaVi Films to enhance some video clips for your own personal Instagram videos, contact us at JaWaViFilms@gmail.com.