Twenty-six years is a long time to wait for your favorite baseball team to win a championship. But, the Atlanta Braves finally came through and beat the Houston Astros in six games to win the 2021 World Series.

As a creative-type person, I like to commemorate victories of my favorite teams not only by buying apparel, but also making something unique and memorable for myself. Often times, I’ll open up Photoshop to create baseball card stylized pop art. I like to print them out in a 5×7 orientation and display them in my office. And, with the holidays coming up, it allows me to give unique gifts to friends who are also fans of the Braves.

As I stated, I will definitely collect the World Series shirts, hats and magazine covers that displays Atlanta’s World Series championship, but having something of my own creation makes it more personal and special. Hopefully, there won’t be another twenty-six year gap between wining a title.

If you order a photo print from my shop page, I’ll include one of these 5×7 edits in the order. Follow me on social media. I’m on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.