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Stay Little, Always from JaWaVi Films on Vimeo.

I’ve been asked by many people, “Why do you choose to shoot your movies with your iPhone?” To me, the answer is simple. Because I always have it with me.

If you have children (or a pet) you will always have something to capture on video. Many of us, including myself don’t really like to see themselves in videos. Oh, I make small appearances in some, but the real stars are the kids or the landscape that I am currently trying to capture.

Here is a quick example of the power that the iPhone can bring to your own personal videos.

School started for my kids about a month ago. In the waning days of summer vacation, my daughter came up to me and sweetly asked if I would make a video of just her. Naturally, you know what my answer was, so we set out to the backyard for me to film her. I asked what she would like to do and she said “Swing!”

The iPhone 6Plus, which is what I have, has a native video camera that is second to none. I’m not going to bore you with specs, but trust me that your video capture setting can help you create some amazing films.

Start with your settings.  I shot this sequence entirely in slow motion at 240fps because, I wanted to create an emotional response (mainly from my wife, which worked).  When shooting a shorter subject, make sure to keep the camera on their level to have the viewer be able to view the film from their perspective.

Pay attention to the details, such as when i was pushing her, I wanted my hand to be seen helping her swing.  Not an easy capture, but don’t worry as much about it being shaky.  When slowing it down, the shake is all but eliminated.

Finally, have a story in mind.  In this video, I inserted separate shots of her sitting, waving, etc around the act of her getting off the swing and walking away.  Of course, unscripted, she gave me the perfect fade out final frame when she paused, turned and wiped her hair away.

This video was edited on my iPhone with the help of the new Cameo App from Vimeo.  Definitely worth a download.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]