Extra Special People 

Home is not where you’re from, it’s where you belong

– Laura Whitaker, ESP Executive Director

Extra Special People (ESP) is located in Watkinsville, Georgia and serves children and young adults with developmental disabilities. Through year round programs, support and community involvement, ESP makes a positive impact on their participant’s and their family members lives.

I was tasked to help create three stand alone videos for their annual 2019 Big Hearts Celebration where the children ESP serves get an opportunity to share their talents through on stage events, talents and a fun filled pageant event with dignitaries and local celebrities. The banquet follows the days events and this year over 1,000 were in attendance.

The first video was about a particular family’s story of raising a son with cerebral palsy. I filmed the interview right before Christmas and was able to spend an evening with Dakota, his brother Austin and mom and dad, Vicki and Joe. My favorite moments were seeing the love and support the Sykora’s had for each other and the lengths that they will go to so Dakota can live as normal of a life as possible. You’ll see the accessible features Dakota has throughout the house and you’ll hear the appreciation that the Sykora’s have towards what ESP does in their lives.

Project filmed with a Canon DSLR, a DJI Mavic Air and a Zhiyun Crane 2 gimbal. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The second video I produced was a story about how ESP impacts the children and young adults all told through the narration of Laura Whitaker, ESP’s executive director. You’ll notice the extensive b-roll footage. This was taken from multiple trips to ESP, which was so much fun because it meant I was able to get to know so many of the kids and the amazing staff.

Project filmed with a Canon DSLR, Zhyiun Crane 2 gimbal, DJI Mavic Air. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

One of the big announcements from ESP at the Big Hearts Celebration was introducing the Miracle League field. Behind ESP’s building there is a run down baseball field at Harris Shoals Park. This field will be transformed into an accessible park so all kids, no matter their ability can play the game of baseball.

In the final video, I was given clips and b-roll of other Miracle League parks and with the help of a voiceover from Katarina at ESP, placed together a new edit that helps reflect the goals and plans of ESP’s very own Miracle League park.