Back in the fall of 2016, The Firefly Trail had one year to continue to raise donations and lobby local lawmakers to pass the TSPLOST initiative in Athens-Clarke County. Chairman, Mark Ralston and other board members had already made huge impacts via social media on enthusiastic bike riders, environmental activists and the general public. But Ralston and the Firefly board wanted to make more of an impact via consistent social media posts and hired Jawavi Films to consult, build social media sites and create content.

I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful landscapes that the future 39 mile trail from Athens to Union Point will cover. Throughout the year that I worked with the Firefly Trail, I established an Instagram page and carefully curated the photos all while leveraging hashtag strategies and providing consistent and unique content.

The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness, drive excitement and eventually place the Firefly Trail in a prime position to where when the voters went to the ballot box, the TSPLOST initiative would pass. Through a cavalcade of thoughtfully edited videos, powerful photos and a dogged drive to continually create interesting content the local electors voted TSPLOST through with by a 70% margin.