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It was a late Friday evening. I had some work responsibilities back in Atlanta that I had to take care of first. Everyone else in our group, including my wife (check out her own blog at JennySueMakeup.com), had already been down at Grayton Beach, Florida for a day and a half. I felt like I was missing out (obviously, I was). There was some debate whether or not to even bring my GoPro HERO3 along with me, for the entire weekend for me, at least was only going to last some 36 hours.

I brought it and was glad I did. As I always tell my clients when they are worried about what videos to take or shoot while on vacation, etc. Just hit record and take as much footage as you can, without being too much of a distraction to your friends.

GoPro (check!) Great Weather (check!) Cool People who put up with my ever-recording self (check!)
I like to have somewhat of an idea as to the song choice for any potential video I am shooting. This movie/video didn’t really have one. The girls wanted it to be put to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” but I just really wasn’t feeling that. We were at the beach and I wanted something a little less mainstream. Notice you’ll see a choreographed dance sequence, they were trying to do some shake it off dance, but with some edits, it worked well into the track I used.

Take A Walk” is a song that came out a few years ago by Passion Pit. You will hear the intro part of the song on many commercials and I tend to hear it quite a bit on ESPN Radio’s SVP & Russillo. Scott Van Pelt uses the “Take A Walk” intro for some of his bits. Shout out to you @NotTheFakeSVP on Twitter.

Nevertheless, the original is great, but sometimes if you search on SoundCloud.com you can find all kinds of mashups and remixes of your favorite songs that add that little extra “something” that helps to make your video memorable to your family and friends.

So the “Take A Walk (Peking Duk Remix)” is what I went with. Yeah, it sounds really cool and matches up pretty well with the video footage that was captured. Problem was, as you can probably tell by watching were the super quick edits. Those clips had to be paired down to .5 or .6 seconds to change with the beat. This is one reason, that the video is delayed by six weeks. I had a few issues going against me.

One, being that I had such little footage, remember, I was only there for 36 hours and I really didn’t want to be filming every moment I was awake. It was my mini-vacation too. Second, when I went to edit mode, my iMac decided that I just had too much going on at one time and really slowed down. A slow rendering can wreak havoc when trying to edit clips that have to be timed so quickly. So I just kept pushing and eventually, today am pretty pleased with the final result.

It truly felt that at times, I was running a marathon and I had to remind myself not to just “mail it in” as I was getting close to the end and try my best to keep up the same crisp edits.
I do hope you enjoy as much as I did filming and editing this video. Feel free to reach out at any time!