To Podcast or Not To Podcast, That is the Question

There’s a lot of editing going on this week and none of is has to do with video for a change. Naturally, video editing and production will always be my first love, but audio, specifically podcasting is a fun outlet for me as well. But how does one decide when to stop producing a podcast?

If you’ve spent any time on my website you’ll see a tab at the top of my site that says Podcasts. Why is it there? Well, it’s because I contribute to and produce two completely different types of podcast shows. Call me a renaissance man when it comes to the art of audio. Kinda braggy, I know.

Where It All Began

The podcast where it all began is the show that my wife, Jennifer and I have been creating ever since the end of June 2015. It is called, “Making It Up As We Grow“. A title that reflects how we all sometimes can feel when dipping our toes into the unknown entrepreneurial waters of social media, video and audio endeavors. Before I forget, here is the iTunes link.


Thus far, Jennifer and I have produced 13 episodes. Each one of them maintains its own unique theme. You could almost categorize the podcast into two different seasons.

Season 1: Episodes 000 through 010

These ten or so episodes are all part of a narrative experiment that Jennifer and I undertook as we jumped both feet first into the deep end of podcasting. These shows are definite stories that took weeks to record, edit and produce back earlier this summer.

Prior to launching our first episode, I was inspired by listening to shows such as “This American Life“, “Startup Podcast” and “Mystery Show” to name a few and thought to myself, “How hard can it be?” Well, to do it the right way, it is quite difficult. It was my honest thought that by launching “Making It Up As We Grow” doors would be open, interviews from other podcasts and podcast hosts would soon be flooding my inbox and Twitter profile and life as I knew it would change, for the better.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. Looking back, It basically took away my entire summer. I literally would spend hours upon hours in front of my computer or running around with a mobile voice recorder trying to think of what to do next. It was arduous stuff, for a newbie, like me to try and artfully craft and create just one 30 minute episode per week. I remember saying in one of the podcast episodes that if I was going to attach my name to it, it was going to be good or top quality. It was and they are top quality.

The problem I didn’t take into consideration was that one, more people are podcasting these days and two, you’ve got to market, market and market the podcast more than you think you do.  Even if you’re effective. Even if your podcast lands on iTunes New & Noteworthy section (which ours did), will it truly resonate with your listeners? Will your hard work get rewarded by being shared by friends and strangers? Will your episodes be heard and played in the ears of someone who could be in the position to help you take it further and change your current trajectory? Perhaps, but not for us.

Despite the lack of national success (in my eyes), I’m still quite proud of the product Jennifer and I have put out on the podcast airwaves. I’ve learned a new skill, developed some new friendships because of it and can feel proud that little ole me accomplished something that many people wouldn’t even begin to attempt, much less be any good at it.


Season 2: Episodes 011 through 013 (this number will grow, of course)

After reading my synopsis of Season 1, you might think that this is a post-script article on the death of a podcast. Not even close. I forgot to inject my overall “glass half-full mentality”. I’m proud, happy and grateful for all of the time I spent on the first few episodes of MIUAWG. The episodes are still there for listeners to consume. The possibility of getting that email from a producer of a major news outlet or famous podcaster still exists. Because, what is old to me, is still new to someone who has not yet listened to our episodes yet. So yes, I’m going to stay positive.

Having said all of that, this leads me to my explanation of Season 2. A shift occurred with Jennifer and me after the completion of episode 010. That was the episode that broke my spirit, questioning if I still wanted to produce this show. It wasn’t because of listenership or lack thereof, it was the time (as I mentioned earlier) that it took me to craft and create a story that I would be proud to publish.

After taking a few weeks off to mull it over, Jennifer and I decided to come back with a short (20 minute or so) interview style podcast where the two of us would discuss her business and even mine. Call it the evolution of a podcast if you like, I call it sanity, for me.

As for the storytelling platform, I can definitely see myself throwing one or two more in at a future date in time, but for now it’s going to be my wife and me sitting around a microphone being ourselves. Hopefully, we’re entertaining for you to listen to and whether you’re out for a jog or driving in your car, perhaps you’ll learn something or simply get a good laugh courtesy of the two of us blabbing about our lives.

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So Are We Quitting Our Podcast?

A simple answer will handle this question. No. But the lag time in between episodes grows greater. Please subscribe and that way when Jennifer and I reveal our next episode, you’ll be the first to find out.

Our latest episode is titled: Ep. 013 | Is Snapchat the Happiest Social Media Platform?

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