Who doesn’t love automobiles, trucks and Jeeps? Especially the ones that have all of the bells and whistles? I had one of the biggest thrills in my professional career when I was contacted by Rocky Ridge Trucks to help document their day when a very special guest showed up. University of Georgia football legend, Herschel Walker spent the day touring the company’s campus and meeting all of the employees.

I was tabbed mainly as the photographer, but did provide a few video edits for Rocky Ridge as well. One of those videos I filmed while riding in a Rocky Ridge powered Callaway GMC Truck that Herschel was test driving. I can’t publish the video for certain reasons, but let’s just say I was with #34 when he dropped the hammer down and got up to triple digits in that truck.

Below you’ll see a quick promotional edit for their Rocky Ridge Jeep that I shot as well as some of the photos of Herschel Walker’s day touring the facility.