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JAWAVI FILMS delivers affordable creative video solutions to help you reach your customers. Sure, everyone has a smartphone that they can record video on. It’s easier than ever to quickly upload a video to Facebook or YouTube. However, many times, when we’re just throwing something up – it misses it’s mark. Planning, script writing, directing and editing all play big parts into achieving the quality of video that we want our brand to reflect.

We’ve worked with realtors, non-profits, homebuilders, bloggers and major brands to help solve the problem of lack-luster video production. It doesn’t have to be long (in fact, shorter is better), it just has to fascinate your viewer. We’ve produced short 60 second videos that have received thousands of views and hundreds of organic shares on social media.

Let us help you in standing out in this short attention span world we live in. Let JAWAVI FILMS help you be memorable.


When it comes to emerging video technologies, 360° or Virtual Reality video is one you will see more of in 2017 and beyond. I have filmed in this medium before, as I collaborated with a large international hotel chain on location in New York City during July 2016.

Not sure how you would implement this “new-tech”? Do you have a Facebook page or a YouTube channel? Great. Then you’re all set. This technology could be huge for realtors to attract potential homeowners to be able to view new properties in 360°. Or what if you’re a municipality and have a big street festival? Integrating virtual reality filmmaking can help immerse people into the huge party you just threw. The performers and shop owners will thank you for sharing their music and store fronts in such a cool, new medium.

I have the necessary tools to help you record your experience, edit the footage and upload to the web.

jawavi-films-podcastingVideos are great, but on average, American drivers spend more than 290 hours in their cars every year. Videos are great for your marketing, but what if you could reach your target audience when they are at their most captivated? Listening to audio. Audio conveys honesty, it can develop trust and empathy in a way that moving pictures cannot.

I’ve produced over 100 audio podcasts for three separate shows. It took me over 60 days to complete my very first podcast. Not because I didn’t know what to say, but I had to buy equipment, research how to set up a feed, how to direct my .mp3 file to iTunes, etc. Let me help you stand out in a crowded sea of marketers by producing your business branded podcast. Your customers are out there, waiting to hear from you. Stand out from your competition and give them a reason to listen.

jawavifilms-snapchatSo you’ve shot and edited a great video about that thing you do. Now, you want to share it. But, what’s the best way? YouTube is great choice, but how do you customize your page? And, how do content creators make that perfect thumbnail that perfectly compliments the video? Perhaps Facebook is the way to go. But should you link your YouTube video or upload the video file directly to Facebook?

These are questions I receive more often than not from clients and even people I’ve never met (in person), but I know them online. This is also just one tiny example of the barriers that intersect quality content creation for businesses. It’s a business, you need to run it, so wouldn’t it make sense to hire someone to help walk you through the pitfalls of digital marketing? I’d be happy to help.

Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat – All of these platforms and other speak a different language. What works on Facebook might not necessarily drive a lot of interactions on Instagram. Snapchat videos are all should be shot vertically, yet placing a vertical video on YouTube might be the wrong move. Regardless of your questions, confusion and hesitation, there is a right answer. Let me help you learn how to fascinate your digital audience.

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* 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

* 1 in 4 consumers actually lose interest in a company if it doesn’t have video.

* In the same study, 4 out of 5 consumers state that a video showing how a product or service works is important.

(source: animoto)


* Circa 2014, most podcasts were heard via a computer, thus restricting mobility.

* BUT, in 2016, 64% of podcasts are being listened to on a smartphone or tablet.

* The rise of on-the-go listening opens up more opportunities for consumption! Such as the car or the gym.

(source: edison research)


* 360 video has the potential to drive engagement in promising new ways.

* It encourages the viewer to “interact” with the video by the tilt of a smartphone.

* It’s great news for brands. The novelty of that viewing experience not only makes people want to watch, but also makes them want to share.

(source: think with Google)

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I was a Speech Communication major, so I love public speaking. From learning how to use your GoPro, capturing great iPhone video or effectively leveraging social media in 2017, I am ready to teach large or small class sizes.



Looking for an experienced voiceover artist with hundreds of hours writing, reading and producing audio? I can record, edit and Dropbox you a .mp3 file in a very quick turnaround. Deep baritone voice with no noticeable accent.


An experienced videographer first. But, knowing how to achieve great photos from GoPros, iPhones (with lens attachments), DSLRs and point and shoot cameras. I am a student of manual mode photography because, I had to learn it.



Social media is like a spiraling staircase. So many different platforms; each one speaks its own language. What engages on Facebook might not work on Instagram. Need help decoding your social media accounts? How to use them? Set them up? Contact me.

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