The St Giles Hotel Group 

In one of my most exciting collaborations ever, I published or had a part in publishing five videos for the St Giles Hotel Group. Headquartered in London, the St Giles maintains hotel properties in the Murray Hill district in New York City. From March 2016 through July 2017 my family of five and I traveled to the Big Apple on three separate occasions to work with the St Giles Hotel Group.

Documentation and discovery were the primary focuses on all three trips. It was a way for the hotel to share experiences from guests to promote their family friendly and centrally located property to other potential travelers.

The March 2016 video was shot primarily on an iPhone with the help of a couple of GoPro cameras. A detailed blog post on my blog tied the information all together on how to travel to NYC with kids.

We were invited back up to the Big Apple in July of 2016 to help document our travels in NYC and staying at the St Giles Hotel while using a Samsung 360 degree camera. I created a few videos for this trip. The first lives on my Vimeo channel and serves as a highlight film of a few sights and views of New York as well as showing the 360 degree camera in action.

The other two videos reside on my wife’s YouTube page. They are more of a vlog-styled travel video. All three served a purpose for the hotel group in helping to share what it was like staying at the hotel but also a documentation of our travels while there. Put together, the three videos could easily inspire a family of three, four or more to push aside any potential hesitation of traveling in the big city with kids and to just enjoy the ride.

The next video in our three visits to New York City in 18 months took place over the 2017 July 4th weekend. You’d think that visiting a big city for the third time in such a short window of months, there would come a point in time where your family would throw their hands up and say, “we’ve seen and done it all”. That was not the case. So with it being such a fun and vibrant weekend, we set out to make a video about the things we hadn’t experienced while in NYC. From Coney Island to watching the fireworks over the East River, we capped it off with a bang. Also note, the video thumbnail is quite possibly one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.
Finally, there was one more special video I made for the St Giles Hotel Group. Abigail Tan, Head of U.K., Europe and USA for St Giles Hotels asked if I could provide a recap video for our multiple visits to New York City while staying at a St Giles property. I was able to write and record a voiceover track and piece together a few highlights of our visits. She was able to take this video and present it at an international hotel conference.

I wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to you for your wonderful contribution to our StGiles360 campaign. It wouldn’t have been the success that it was without your enthusiasm, the experiences and personalities that you captured, and your amazing smiles.

– Abigail Tan, Head of U.K., Europe and USA

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