Twister AppUpdate: October 2015

Obviously, this post was written before the iPhone 6 & 6s editions came out. I cannot see how this app would would well for the newest editions. Well, the 360 degree selfie part at least because it is predicated for use with the squared off bottom of the iPhone 5s and lower. The newer iPhones have a more rounded bottom. However, the Automation and Spot settings would still work just fine.

We can be so complacent at times with the super technology of our iPhone and the apps available for download.  How often does an app come along that not only impresses, but causes us to stop right in our tracks?  The answer for many is probably, “never“.  Well, here’s one that got my attention, fast.

Twister for iPhone will forever break the mold on how you see or take pictures.

Two days ago, I was reading on my favorite news reader app and happened upon a quick article about limited free apps on the Apple App Store.  Once again, another “camera utility” app.  I for one have probably seen or tried at least a dozen different camera options for my iPhone.  In fact, less than a week ago, I posted a review about Vhoto, a very cool app that lets you turn movies into quality still pictures.  Nevertheless, Twister in the iTunes App Store, is not referring to the “left foot, green” game you used to play as a kid.  Instead it is the very latest camera app I have added to my endless camera app arsenal.  IT. IS. AWESOME…and it’s free for a limited time so go get it now.

Let me cut to the chase.  Twister allows you to take photographs in 360° (if you have an iPhone 5/5s).

There are nine camera options on the Twister app.  I will highlight the ones that are the true conversation starters should you be the first one to show it off to your friends.  I am in sales and actually used it this week to catch the attention of one of my hard-to-see prospects.

photo360° Automation :: Yep, if you take your iPhone out of its case and stand it carefully on a flat surface, Twister utilizes the vibration feature on your phone to magically turn and turn and turn until it completes a full rotation.  Best part, it almost presents a video-like image.  I fired Twister up at my favorite neighborhood bar “The Royal Peasant” in Athens, Georgia.  It impressed for sure.  Here is my very own attempt at the 360° automation.  I have not found a way to embed the pictures to a website, similar to how YouTube will embed.  But, you can text or email a link, share it to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.  Once you download the app, there is a great intro video of the 360 in action.  It’ll make you want to clear a spot, rip off your iPhone cover and try it out.

Shooting Tips :: Try to use this on a hard surface such as granite or lucite.  This allows the vibrations to turn your iPhone a lot more smoothly.

photo360° Spot ::  You will see a dotted line.  Pick whatever object you want; a tree, your child, a bottle of liquor, whatever and simply walk 360° around it. You will see the wheel (like in the picture here) and it will fill in as you go around.  Twister will also tell you to slow down if you’re going too fast.  The result is quite unique.  You can see my own experiment that I set up.  If you look carefully, you might even notice the flames on the candle flickering.  Can you imagine all of the cool shots this feature will enhance while at football games this fall.  Naturally this feature will be great to share for your tailgating pics, but hopefully some 360° spots will be taken of the actual football players while on the field.

Shooting Tips :: Try this on an object in bright sunlight, preferably around dusk when the lighting is cutting through the trees and the sun is on the horizon.  The lens flare that you will get from it is awesome.

photo360° Selfie :: Just when you thought you had read the entire book on #Selfies, enter what some people might deem the ultimate selfie.  Yep, for you soon to be Twister fanatics, gone are the days of the front camera still photo selfie.  Now, say you’re at the beach or at a family reunion or better yet, at a sold out sporting event with 50,000 of your closets friends, you have the ability to capture yourself with everything happening all around you.  I’m not sure, but I might have posted one or two selfies in my life somewhere on social media.  Let’s just say, I am not a selfie fanatic.  In fact, in most of the movies I make, I prefer to be on the other side of the camera.  Nevertheless, here is my 360° selfie using the Twister app.

Shooting Tips :: Again, notice the cool light effects that the late afternoon sun provided for the image I took.  I mean, you’re not going to win a Pulitzer, but anything to make it more interesting, right?  Try this out somewhere with an unobstructed view (i.e., Top of a parking deck in a metropolitan city).  Utilizie the dotted oval the app provides for optimal distance between you, the camera and the background you are trying to capture.

Other cool attributes this app has to offer are:

  • 360° Panorama :: Capture the entire scene around you.  This would be perfect for anyone who is in real estate.  You could take a full view of the room you want to accentuate and quickly Tweet it out to your followers or share it on Facebook.
  • Timer Cam :: This is a very good timer to use for regular pictures.  It counts down from 10 and gives an audible beep for the last 3 seconds.
  • Voice Cam :: I didn’t really understand the use for this one.  Basically, it accesses the microphone on your iPhone and takes a picture whenever you say something.  I tried to master it, but this feature seemed a little more trouble than its worth.  Cool idea though.
  • Night Cam :: No, this feature will not let you go into Navy Seal mode with night vision capabilities.  I’m laughing at I write this because as a guy, you know what I did when I first saw the words “Night Cam”.  Immediately, I turned off the lights, thought to myself how cool this was going to be, and quickly realized that I was taking a picture of a dark room with a flash.  A guy can dream though.  **Should anyone figure out that I missed the boat on this one and it DOES enable some killer night vision capabilities on my iPhone, please let me know**
  • Photo :: Yep, it has a choice to allow you to take regular camera shots.  It will save it to your Twister gallery and then you will have to save it to your camera roll.  There are some very cool editing options and I was pretty pleased with in how it made this picture I took of the Royal Peasant look.  In it I used a quick filter, increased the sharpness and added lettering.Royal Peasant, Athens, GA
  • Video :: Last, but certainly not least, this nifty little video part to the app is really cool. Why?  It allows you to pause your video.  Obviously when you take a normal video with your iPhone or any other camera the scene you are recording starts and stops in real time.  When you record video with the Twister app, you can 〈pause〉 yes, pause your shot and then move some stuff around and pick up from where you left off.  I was showing a buddy of mine while at the RP and have an example of what I’m talking about.  Not the best video if I may be so critical, however, you will see exactly what I mean.  Put a little creativity into this and there is definitely an opportunity to pull off some real creative clips.

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I hope this app review will get you as excited as I was, am and forever will be with the Twister for iPhone app.  Feel free to Tweet me some of your attempts, I’d love to see them. Have fun with this out there and go ahead and download it so you can be the one to introduce this cool feature to your friends and family.

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