The Golf BrosThis blog and website is still very new.  It came about from years of procrastinating and hand wringing to get just to the point where I am beginning to post.  Surely, as I get adjusted to this new format of placing words and media into living and breathing posts, the content will get more involved and the interactions will become more frequent.

So, back to the title of why I posted this entry today.  Yes, you can use your iPhone to make quick, cool movies to share with your friends and family.  Although this clip is only 19 or 20 seconds long, I wanted to see how quickly it would take me to go from the planning stage to final upload.  This was filmed on a Sunday morning.  My boys were pounding golf balls in the yard as they usually do.  We have a hill on one side of our property line where they like to go up to as their pseudo “tee box” and launch balls back to our main yard.

I felt the urge to capture what they were doing yesterday from a new perspective.  Indeed the title of the blog post has something to do with the amount of time it takes for the filming and editing, but also, the camera angle and speed have a lot to do with hit also.

Here are the details:

  • Taken with my iPhone 5s
  • Settings on slow motion for video
  • The angle was achieved by laying down on the crest of the hill about four feet away and shooting up so as to just barely get the top of their heads in the shot
  • Oh yeah, I was brave, but not too brave.  I made sure they were using their Almost Golf Balls.

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The Golf Bros (Athens, GA) from JaWaVi Films on Vimeo.

It only took three actual shots of video.  One of my lefty swinging, one of my righty swinging and then one of them together trying to look as menacing as they possibly could.  I knew right away that slow motion was the correct way to go.  Anytime I shoot sports scenes, I really prefer slow motion, because of the intrigue it helps add to the overall feel.  Plus, with a golf swing is there really any other way?

I used the intro to an old Tantric song, titled “Breakdown“.  Ever since college, I have loved the intro that song brings and had never used it before this video clip.  You might want to consider this, or at least the intro of this song for your very own video in the future.

In a future post, I will detail out how to actually maneuver the iMovie app to make a movie, but really it is so intuitive.  I am sure that the way I would teach you might not necessarily be the best way.  Try it out, but if you have a question, feel free to email me.

I hope you enjoy this quick video as much as I had making it.  Pick a song or favorite part of a song, just as I did.  Take a few clips so as not to overwhelm yourself and see what happens.  You just might have a cool little memory that you can soon share with your friends and family.