Admit it, you either know what emoticons are and use them with your text messages or you think I just made up a new word that starts with the letter, “e”. There is a new app available for download on the Apple store called Imoji and it’s awesome…and it’s FREE!

I stumbled across this little gem last night after reading an article by Sarah Perez on  Needless to say, when I noticed that the new Imoji app for iPhone was FREE and helped you make your very OWN emoticon sticker, I did what you’re about to do had it downloaded on my iPhone within minutes.

imoji app

It was late last night and I was about to go to bed.  But, not before I tried out this new little piece of app heaven.  The learning curve is pretty quick.

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Download the app.  You have to register an email and pick a username (they do have communities and shareable hashtags), that is in case you design the best Imoji possible and want it to get shared or go viral or something like that.

After the quick registration, simply hit the yellow face button with the plus sign (+) and you’re off.  You’ll get 3 choices after that.  Use a Web Image, Take a Photo or Choose Existing.  Definitely use the choose existing and find a good shot of yours or someone else’s 1

  • In my case, I included a pic of my wife giving a “Cheers” to the camera.  I probably could have zoomed in further, but wanted to try to keep the martini glass in the shot.

photo 2

  • Make sure to do as the helpful Imoji app hint suggests.  Don’t cut the hair off, you’ll be able to trim as needed later.

  • Look at the middle button, that is the one you’ll want to tap.  It provides two sizes of round pink circle erasers to trim around your subject.  You’ll just tap it once, then tap it again to change from large to small.  There is an undo button, which is helpful in case your crop a bit too much.  The final button you will use are the scissors, tap them when you are happy with your editing.

Imoji app trimming

  • Notice this is the large eraser.  One very cool feature :: it might take some getting used to but is pretty genius, the pink eraser icon is offset from where your finger is touching on the screen.  I thought at first my app was not calibrated correctly or something weird like that.  It’s on purpose so your chubby digits don’t block off where you’re trying to edit.

imoji small eraser

  • You can use the small eraser for those areas such as around the hairline or in this case to outline the martini glass.  It even zooms in for you.  I did two Imojis last night and for the first one, I did not realize the small eraser was an option.  As I mentioned earlier, just tap the pink circle and it will go from large to small.


Hit the scissors button when you are happy with all of the trimming and, Voila!  You can save it to your camera roll on your iPhone and text it out to your friends immediately.

Pretty cool, Huh?!?W Imoji

(First try with Imoji App. Sleeping kids = always funny)

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