Have you ever used Instagram?

Considering that it is now 2015, isn’t that question a tad bit preposterous?

So the answer is – Of course you are, you have been adding photos on either your personal or business Instagram account for months or even years by now. According to the latest stats released last month, Instagram has surpassed Twitter, with its monthly users climbing past 300 million.  For what its worth, the same article points out that Twitter’s last official user count was 284 million.

I personally joined Instagram 149 weeks ago back in February 2012.  Here is the first picture I ever posted on Instagram.  You will notice, I didn’t have any description of the picture or hashtags to group the post into searchable categories.  I also failed to gain any likes for that matter.  I, like so many other people when they join Instagram, had no idea how it worked.  Social media and apps similar to Instagram evolve so fast, yet so organically, it was hard for users to gauge what to do and no one knew in fact how powerful visual media was going to become.

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I guess you could say that I “like” Instagram so much; now I have two accounts.  Quite frankly, the thought of trying to figure out my password and logging in to my personal page anymore doesn’t even cross my mind anymore.  In June 2014 when I started this blog, my photos and videos have been solely archived to my JaWaVi Films Instagram page.


Why, you might ask?

I run a small business venture of making personal videos for clients and I also enjoy sharing cool pictures and videos with my Instagram followers.  Instagram allows me and any other individual or business to give others a glimpse into what’s going on currently in our world.

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Say you’re a small business, like me.  You have a product idea or a service that you want the world to see, know and embrace.  Sure, there are the traditional ways to “get the word out” by opening a store, starting a website and maybe a blog.  It can be overwhelming.  How do people discover what you can offer or sell?  Will you ever be a success?  How will potential clients find me?

Ask your kids what The Yellow Pages are and they’ll look at you the same way as if you asked them to place a call via a rotary phone.

We are in 2015, times have already changed and if you want market yourself, there are new options out there, but social media is king.  And, if Instagram were a stock (well, I guess technically it is since it was acquired by Facebook back in 2012 for $1Billion) it would be a hot pick on the Nasdaq.

Check back tomorrow where I will share some of the tactics I use to post photos and video to my Instagram account. In the meantime, please enjoy my latest Instagram video.